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Tetyana Guthrie

Tatyana Paniotova

Piano Teacher

My Story

Tetyana Guthrie has been studying the piano since the age of five in the Ukraine, and has participated in multiple competitions as a soloist, and as part of collaborative ensembles with violinists, cellists and vocalists. 

Over the course of her career she has been trained by many outstanding pianists, including Dr. Mykola Suk, a highly acclaimed Ukrainian-American pianist who is currently teaching at UNLV. After completing her graduate studies at Denver University's Lamont School of Music, under the direction of Stephanie Cheng, she served as a graduate teacher assistant during that time. While at the University of Denver, she taught students at many skill levels.

Her professional background has allowed her to acquire a wealth of experience, which she utilized in her Masters Thesis, where she examined the distinctions between traditional and contemporary piano techniques.

She holds both a Master of Music and Master of Education degree, as well as an active Teaching License in the state of Colorado.

With her extensive classical training, she now applies multiple piano techniques and methods to ensure the success of her students. 

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